Bathing in Wine

Californian, Volume 2, Number 2, 29 May 1847

It is not generally known that wine baths are quite common in France —nevertheless such is the case.

The duke of Clarence is not the only gentleman who has enjoyed an immersion in Malmsey. Punch has tried it with the very best Sherry.

Only imagine! Punch—the veritable English Punch— swimming in French wine, and kicking and plunging, and laughing, until the tears ran down his cheeks, and never thinking of expense—a five franc piece!

"What! A five franc piece for a tub full of wine ? Hurrah ! Vive la France."


At least fifty others bathed in the same wine—after Punch. The keepers oftheBAGNE had a preference for Punch, and gave him the first dip. After him came fifty others —making in all fifty-five franc pieces. A good price for the tub.

"The wine was then thrown out?"

"Not at all. Not so, by any means."

"What, then?"

"Bottled, of course!"

"Bottled! And, for what purpose?"

"Why, for drink, to be sure."

"Drink! Who would drink such stuff?"

"Why, the English do—the Yankees do! The latter import it in large quantities. It is a great favorite in Yankee-land."

Now, dear wine-drinking friends, anti-temperance friends, when you next smack your lips over a glass of champagne or burgundy, reflect that a Lyonese alderman may possibly have bathed in it, and see if the reflection will assist you in appreciating its flavor.





June 10, 2014

I love that story, and know this, if the domestic burgunphiles drank your wine, they would never drink any burgundy again!


June 09, 2014

That is hilarious Deborah. Thanks for sharing.


June 09, 2014

Makes one want to make their own wine so as to know EXACTLY what is in it. Hopefully, the alcohol would kill anything yucky.


June 08, 2014

Aha! Love this episode of I Love Lucy! Thanks for the reminder!

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