World class, handmade wine from our organic vineyard. Label art donated by renowned artist Donald Roller Wilson and prose donated by Oscar nominated screen writer Alec Sokolow. Made possible thanks to the generosity and kindness of friends. Each vintage we make the finest wine, wrap it in love front to back and donate all profit to a group with boots on the ground making radical change for the good.

Join us, celebrate life!



Introduction by Alec Sokolow

Benjamin Franklin once declared, "The discovery of a wine is a greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars." But even he never caught lightning in a bottle like our winemaker, Deborah Hall has, with her Gypsy Canyon limited release of Ground Boots 2013 Pinot Noir. It is a heavenly invention that delivers to one's palate the very essence of the Santa Rita Hills, while also saving lives.
All profits from the Ground Boots 2013 Pinot Noir will be donated to Soi Dog, a non-profit organization based in Thailand that is dedicated to rescuing dogs and eradicating the illegal dog meat trade in Southeast Asia. Soi Dog is an inspirational and honest grassroots organization that Deborah has partnered with that channels funds directly to the care of the animals it rescues.

Ground Boots is the latest effort by Deborah Hall to combine her two passions, winemaking and animals. Soi Dog will be the first donation recipient, but Deborah's hope is for this nascent program to grow and mature like the wine itself to help make a difference. 

Those who know Deborah, know that she is an artisan. Every detail of Gypsy Canyon is unique, from the wine she crafts by hand, to the homegrown bee's wax that seals each bottle, and her beautiful labels. For Ground Boots, Deborah has enlisted American artist Donald Roller Wilson, a master of playful neorealism, to design the label and Oscar-nominated screenwriter Alec Sokolow to write the back label text.
But it is the wine itself that makes Ground Boots so exciting. In each bottle, Deborah offers a taste of Santa Barbara County and a celebration of love and generosity that you can now experience while also helping to save a life. 

Deborah will be launching Ground Boots through the crowd funding website Indiegogo on September 1st of this year. She'll be offering plenty of levels that you can contribute to while getting something unique in return: the Ground Boots 2013 Pinot Noir and the knowledge that you are making a difference.

So please mark the date and check out our Ground Boots Indiegogo campaign: ‘Drink Great Wine, Change The World’.

Save a life. Feed your soul.


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