Crush to Cask Club


We are crafting an exquisite brandy with our Mission grapes. It is the first brandy made with historic California Mission grapes in nearly two centuries.  It is smooth, floral, beautifully spiced, and it encapsulates the essence of early California.

The brandy is made from Mission grapes that we planted in 1999, from vine cuttings taken from our ancient Mission vineyard. The fruit will be crushed, fermented into wine and then distilled twice. It will then be moved into a French oak cask, where we will let the flavors integrate as it ages to graceful perfection for 3 to 5 years. Crush to Cask is a 3 year program of discovery.

  • First, you will receive a tasting of the juice at crush time.

  • The second tasting will be of the finished wine.

  • The next samples will be of the brandy after the 1st distillation and the 2nddistillation.

  • Post-distillation marks the beginning of cask aging. You will receive tastings of the brandy after 3, 6, and 12 months in cask.

  • During the second and third years, you will receive a brandy tasting every six months until you decide your brandy is sufficiently aged. We will then send you a bottle* of brandy from cask, aged to your specifications (up to 3 years).

*Sample bottles are 5 ounces each *Your final bottle will be 750ml (not otherwise available)